Trip Through L’Orignal a small village in Eastern Ontario

Today we thought we take a little photo tour through L’Orignal and show you around. “Downtown” L’Orignal : We thought we would take you on a photo tour through L’Orignal. We tried to get the most historic buildings from L’Orignal included.

LOrignal Marina Abadin B&B

LOrignal Marina Abadin B&B

L’Orignal is a little village with a population of 2033 people (census of 2001) but it appeals through its beautiful core showing off the historic buildings. The majority of the population lives in a modern new-build part of L’Orignal’s residential area.  L’Orignal is tightly woven into the infrastructure of Hawkesbury and only 5 minutes from the core of Hawkesbury.  The Marina is one of the most frequented attractions for tourists and locals alike and offers a great service to an affordable price.


The community of the village tries to preserve the historic heart and the inviting spirit welcomes visitors form around the world. It definitely helps if you are knowledgable of the French language since this area population of Prescott Russell is 85% francophone. Most of the people are bilingual and can switch to English if needed.

Some  History :

“The Seigniory of L’Orignal (later renamed the Seigniory of Longueuil), was granted by the Company of New France to Françoise Prévost in 1674. Together with La Salle’s Cataraqui (Kingston), it was one of only two seigniories that was granted by the King of France as part of New France in what is now Ontario. As part of New France, the area was ceded to Great Britain in 1763. The seigneury was assigned to Upper Canada (Ontario) during the creation of Upper Canada and Lower Canada (Quebec) in 1791.

230,000 acres (930 km2) of seignory land was purchased by Nathan Treadwell of Plattsburgh, New York, in 1798. The property was confiscated by government during the War of 1812 and returned to his son in 1823. The Village of L’Orignal was chosen as the district town for the Ottawa District in 1816. The Ottawa District Courthouse was built in L’Orignal in 1825 and is still in use. L’Orignal Parish was established in 1846 as the first Catholic parish in Prescott County.”’Orignal,_Ontario  – Quotation 





One comment on “Trip Through L’Orignal a small village in Eastern Ontario

  1. Kelly Doyle

    Good morning,

    I was linked to your page on facebook from an aunt that lives in Hawkesbury, While I no longer live in the area, L’Orignal became my home when I turned 5 … some 45 years ago. My father remained in the same house till his passing, 6 years ago (at 455 Front Road) My memories of this little village and the River Road (as we called it), is the story of my life.

    My childhood friends that lived up and down the road and into the village (many I am still friends with) still share this same feeling as I. We lived in a era of leaving doors wide open at night time, coming home only when we were hungry or when it got dark… swimming in the river (with running shoes on) all summer long, we swallowed the water, we never died (haaa) and we rode our bikes to the village for icecream and candy everyday.

    My Teenage years brought – babysitting for many, pool parties at neighbours, dances in the schools on weekends and then camping the Park. There were many a boat rides on the river with friends, and many great house parties with bonfires and even a few (ha) happy hours at the Pub.

    I miss that road, that always took me home. My fathers house is now gone and I have only a few people (old neighbours) that I once and a while pop in on. Thank you for posting this .. and reminding me how lucky I was to have lived there and what a great childhood it was.

    Your place looks beautiful, I for sure will be staying with you the next time I have a wedding or event in Hawkesbury to attend.

    Kelly Doyle