What is an QR code and why should we bother with it?

What is an QR code and why should we bother with it?

A QR code is like a barcode but two-dimensional. It can be scanned through a camera-equipped smartphone. You need to download an app before your phone can read this. It is called a QR code-scanning application (app).
QR is a great invention developed by a company named Denso Wave in Japan and car companies were the first ones to use them.
It is the missing link between hard copy advertisement and online content like a website. A business now can connect offline customers with their business presented on the internet. This is an engaging and interactive way of getting your potential guests attention. Big companies like Volkswagen and Ebay use it. So if they think it is worth we should use it too and it is FREE !!









Why would I care to bother with this ?

Well let me put it that way : Why not ?

It is such an amazing tool, which gives you so much more possibilities to present your target market with a wealth of information you could not place in an email, letter, sign let alone an newspaper ad or a business card. But you can place a small QR code on those prints and direct them through their smart phones to your internet space. There they can find your information you want your customers to provide with.

Scanning the QR code is simple and your potential customer downloads your information to their smart phones or is instantly directed to your website or even one specific page. Lets say a page where you promote a special deal you have send through snail mail.


QR code special offer for our business partners

QR code special offer for our business partners

The list of info you can provide your target market is almost endless:

  • Special Offers
  • Your Room description
  • Your social media pages like FB, Twitter or Google+
  • Let them read an article on your blog
  • Or you can even lead them to a audio message (haven’t tried that one yet but it is on my bucket list)

We used our QR code already quite extensively over the last years on Newspaper advertisement, Tourist booklets, Brochures and in Letter advertisement campaigns to name only a few.

Here is one more creative and innovative idea I found on the internet .


Now tell me why would you not want to use QR codes?  Where can you get / make those QR codes?
There are website on the internet who transfer your information or website link into a printable QR code.
You just download and save the image to your computer and voila there it is for your use. I use the following QR code generator: https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/
It works well and the best is that it is for free and easy to work with ! 

Abadin Bed & Breakfast

Abadin Bed & Breakfast

The only thing you should consider:

– Don’t make it smaller than about 1 X 1 inch or it might become unreadable for smartphone software.

– In my experience different colour work but black on white guarantees the best result. We printed them on our red, green and yellow envelopes and it worked just fine but you have to make sure you check before you send things off.