Do you ask hotel motel or bed and breakfast ?

Hotel motel or bed and breakfast ?

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If you are planning to travel for a vacation or a business trip or just a weekend break from the doldrums of city life, one very important factor that you must put into consideration is the place where you will be staying. The usual and popular choice among travelers is a hotel motel. But if you are looking for something more intimate, warm and homey other than just a place to sleep, then a bed and breakfast is just the right place for you.

A stay at a cheap hotel motel tends to be an impersonal and empty experience. You’re assigned to a generic looking room with no personality at all. In a bed and breakfast, the rooms are beautified in an intimate and cozy way which inspires a warm feeling of being at home.

One characteristic of a B&B that a lot of travelers find appealing is the service which is much more friendlier and compassionate as compared to the cold and distant hotel motel employees. In a B&B, you can truly count on being treated as a warmly welcomed guest by means of the hands-on approach of the usually gracious hosts.

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Romantic Getaway

Also a bed and breakfast or inn is generally smaller in size than hotels motels so you can be assured of the peaceful, uncrowded atmosphere – a very attractive advantage especially if you are a couple looking to spend some quality time together. We are especially proud to say that we at the Abadin B&B are catering to honeymoon, anniversary and all kinds of couples who want to enjoy some romantic time away.

All B&B’s, as the name implies, include a free breakfast meal as part of the per diem charge. What sets it apart from other establishments is that you can expect a heartier breakfast meal- an advantage you don’t usually enjoy in an average cheap hotel motel. Not only that, but because of the more personal and friendlier service that bed and breakfasts are famous for. We try to serve a variety of warm plated meals to guests made from only the freshest and if available organic ingredients.

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Free Movies – Free Popcorn

Another great advantage that bed and breakfast inns have over hotels motels is practicality. In general, hotels motels are almost equally priced with bed and breakfast inns. But considering that in a bed and breakfast inn at that price, extras that you have to pay for at a hotel or motel like local phone calls, movies, attendant services and parking are already included in the daily charge. This means you can actually save several hundred dollars if you stay in a bed and breakfast.

All things considered, a stay in a bed and breakfast inn is a much more personal, enjoyable and satisfying experience which can never be replicated in any hotel motel establishment. If you match the tranquility of our location with luxurious service we at Abadin bed and breakfast offer and where you can be cozy, relaxed and be treated like a special guest, then you know you’ve already arranged for yourself a truly satisfying and successful trip.