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The rooms at the Abadin Hawkesbury European Boutique Bed & Breakfast represent the ultimate fusion of style, luxury and comfort. Each room is unique and has been individually decorated, with the greatest attention to detail, using only the newest in modern furnishings and fittings. Hawkesbury Hotel style room.

Please contact us if you are looking for a Hawkesbury hotel, Bed and Breakfast room or any kind of accommodation in Hawkesbury or area. We at the Abadin Bed and Breakfast are catering to the most demanding traveller, who usually prefers a hotel room. We are just a few minutes from Hawkesbury centre and our rooms are providing high quality amenities such as organic soaps and shampoos. Every room as its own bathroom as you would expect in a Hawkesbury Hotel Room.
Hawkesbury Hotel style room
How can I use the idea of the perfect hotel room to create the even more perfect B&B room?

After running a hotel for more than 10 years we, Ed and I, were definitely experienced to say what the customer thought was his or her idea of the perfect hotel room.

Of course certain extras like coaster, comb, pen, pad, vanity pack, packet of tissues, chocolates are a well received plus. But we think it is great to see that in these more eco-friendly days most places allow you to choose these extra bits and pieces if you need them. That way it still is available in case a guest needs it but it won’t clutter the room nor would it replace the more important things in a hotel or Bed and Breakfast room.

And so to bed … Ask yourself why do you actually need a hotel room or B&B room? I guess because you need a good place to sleep. A good sized bed with quality linen and good pillows makes such a difference. But most important of all, the mattress! So of course each and every guest has a different need and opinion regarding “what a good mattress is all about”. One prefers a soft the other a more firm, the next wants only memory foam or can’t live without a super-soft pillow-topping. The hotel industry did a lot of research and came up with special kinds of hotel mattress’ that covers a broad band of demands in traveller’s idea of a quality that produces a satisfying sleep result. So here is the thing. After years of real life experience in the hotel business and lots of research we think we got the almost (nothing is 100 % perfect perfect fusion of hotel standards and B&B personalized service and quality to proudly say …… our customers get the very best of both worlds at our B&B close to Hawkesbury | Hotel style rooms.

Cleanliness and quality And, finally, the bathroom. You can tell in an instant how well run a hotel or Bed and Breakfast is by the cleanliness and upkeep of its hotel room or B&B room bathrooms. Hotel bath rooms get a lot of use. They show wear and tear fast. Aside from a general level of cleanliness, traces of mould on ceilings above the shower, smears on mirrors or shiny tiles that are dead giveaways that the upkeep is not to proper industry standards. So we at our Bed and Breakfast in Hawkesbury got all bathrooms newly build or renovated and went above average quality standards to top the hotel industry. Even the struggle many guests have with finding out how to run the shower or get just the right temperature without burning yourself was taken into the design of our bathrooms by getting single handle faucets with pressure balance control very easy to work! And regarding the cleanliness this always was and always will be one of our highest priorities.

There is so much more to offering the best hotel style room with the ambience of a high quality Bed and Breakfast room.